Peninsula Films

Weak at Denise

A black comedy feature film produced by Peninsula Films, released in UK cinemas. Nominated for a British Independent Film Award. Critics either loved it or loathed it.

Some of the more favourable reviews:

"Film exceeds all expectations....this dark, suburban tale provides over an hour of pure enjoyment" (Sky Box Office)

"If you can endure the punning title, you'll like the film. The dialogue is eminently quotable and the characters are are pleasantly skewed versions of stalwart Brit-flick cliches.....humour is wicked, off-beat and downright vile...." (

"Great debut British film....made on a small budget and all the better for it, "Weak at Denise" is one of those Brit flicks that you will either love or hate" (DVD Review)

"This little charmer works well because of the performances and the quirky, subtle script which pits the unlikeliest hero in a seedy world of betrayal and murder, all of which occurs with a tongue firmly in the its cheek. This is an enjoyable escape from the norm" (Ultimate DVD)

"The Clever, multi-layered story which focusses on the bizarre is offset by great performances. A low-budget winner" (Teletext)

"A Shakespearean Matrix....Plenty of humour and it;s darker than a very dark night" (Loaded)

"Amusingly talky screenplay..." (Daily Telegraph)

"Considerably better than its punning title suggests" (Variety)