Peninsula Films



Go Gay - Six Part Reality Show
Dean and Helen (both gay) are convinced there is no such thing as completely straight. They are challenged by a group of friends to prove it by seducing straight strangers.


Killer or Filler - Six Episode Documentary Series
Six unsigned singer-songwriters spend a week in a top French recording studio learning the art of songwriting with no.1 hit songwriter Rita Campbell and music industry branding expert Matt Allen.


Sex and Lies: Ibiza - Six Episode Constructed Reality Show
Amanda's hen holiday for her best two girlfriends becomes a lot more eventful than they bargained for when they find themselves double-booked in a luxury villa in Ibiza with three lads.

Six Degrees of Soho - 24 Episode Reality Show
Reality show following group of talented and colourful Soho-ites at love, work and play. In this clip, Mackenzie takes Tansie on a date from hell.


Rick and Rat Go To Thailand - Six Part Comedy Drama Series
Rick and Rat have just left school. They are sex mad. They lie to their parents to unlock a family inheritance, blowing all the money on a holiday in Thailand in their quest for sex. One mishap after another, it all ends in comic disaster.


Real Divas of London - Six Part Comedy Series
Tongue in cheek show about the alternative female wrestling scene in London.


Dragged Around - Six Episode Reality Show
Three young English drag queens embark on a road trip to audition for one of the World's most famous drag shows. However they get hopelessly lost en route and find themselves involved in all sorts of scrapes and adventures. In this clip, they thought they had been booked for a respectable fashion shoot....


Student Cooking Challenge - Six Episode Reality Show
Students have to cook a full scale, three course, dinner party for £1 a head, using all their ingenuity and the very cheapest of ingredients. They only win a cash prize if all their guests eat every mouthful up.


Car Crash Malia - Six Episode Drama Series
A satirical look at TV reality shows. An unscrupulous TV director manipulates and manufactures drama from a group of young holidaymakers in Crete,  with no regard for the emotional toll on her subjects.


Glamour Girls Dating Club - Six Part Reality Series
Five glamour models are fed up with being treated as sex objects. They set up a dating club to help each other find love.


Crap Boyfriends - Five Part Game Show
Six girls nominate their useless boyfriends for a studio based competition in which the most improved crap boyfriend wins a luxury holiday for two in Ibiza.




The Witch - Ten Part Reality Show

If you have a problem no other therapy can solve, time to ask a real witch if the occult can help?




Fashmob - Ten Part Reality Series

Two fashion stylists pluck boringly dressed members of the public off the street to give them an adventurous fashionista make-over


University Strip Challenge - Six Part Comedy Series
Comedy piss-take satirising the university student quiz show genre.





Cookery Witch - Six Part Cooking Show

A Mexican witch shows how you can use magic herbs and foods to cast spells to improve your relationships and solve life's many problems. Discovered by the Aztecs, the show gives the viewer a step by step guide to make their own magic concotions.